Contact Us

Precision Pumping Inc.

1333 E 1500th Street, Quincy, IL 62305

Jered Peter (217) 430-3800

Derek Peter (217) 257-0574

Randy Peter (217) 430-3488

Fax  (217) 885-3087

Email         –

One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Guy’s. My name is Lee Bigelow and I wanted to see about a job. I would like to get a chance to work for you. I’m a hard worker and I have ran some of the equipment that you guys use. I have been laid off from St.Louis Gear for a while now and need a job very badly. They have gotten really slow and I don’t see them recovering from it. I really hope you guys can give me a chance. Thank you. My phone number is (217)-430-2009

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