Boat Agitation

Turn Your Lagoon Into an Asset

  • Agitates the whole lagoon using floating agitation.
  • Used for lagoon clean-up and proper EPA removal of lagoons.
  • Fully remote controlled
  • Powerful VERTICAL agitation brings solids off the bottom and creates a better nutrient for application.
  •  Replace 2-4 lagoon pumps, tractors and fuel on a large scale.
  • Minimize excess traffic causing bank damage.
  • To view a video of the boat in action, click

Agitation boat on the trailer

Agitation boat on the trailer, collapsed for transporting.

Front cannon of the agitation boat that can be used to wash banks and break crust in dairy lagoons. The boat can be run through a remote control from the bank. This enables it to reach every inch of the lagoon.

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